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Great Barrier Reef

Discover the hidden treasures beneath the seas of Australia. Under the water there are calcium carbonate structures which are secreted from marine beings or corals that forms colonies called as Coral reefs'. These coral reefs are called as the Rainforests of the Sea.The Great Barrier Reef is enthralling and you can experience this wonder when you visit Australia. Discover the depths of the ocean yourself this Australia tourism holidays.

Scuba diving or under-water diving is the ultimate experience.Scuba diving tutorials and training is offered at Cairns, which is the gateway to the reef. On the other hand, cruising comes in many options to choose from. Cruising on the outer Great Barrier Reef, Whale watching cruising, low-isle cruising where the boats will have a see through glass windows and you can watch the vibrant coral reef as you sail. Or jump into those life size hot air balloons and spend the day at the coral islands. The coral cay is full of fun and enthusiasm. To see the reef under the sea, you can either dive in or prefer to stay on top of the sea by cruising and yet see the treasure unveil! There are many islands of the Great Barrier Reef, to name a few, Wilson Island, Heron Island, Hamilton Island and Hayman Island. Some of these islands have island-resorts and have some of the weirdest activities like having a meal with the Koala bears and many more. What could be more fascinating than this?

Have a fondness for turtles? There are many visiting turtles that come to the reef. Mostly, species of Whales, Dolphins, Snakes, Sea-horses, Fishes and Snails are found to be living here. Mind boggling scenic beauties captures your mind. Get into those marine waters and spend some moments with the water beings that are so abundantly found in here.Splendid hues of the coral reef are so appealing to the eyes. Don't forget to carry your camera to capture these beauteous colourful beings. The Great Barrier Reef is for the water lovers. But wait, even the hydrophobic ones will surely fall in love with this natural water wonder. This is an ideal water destination, as you can see some of the most amazing marine water beings, the famous wonder under the ocean and also get to relax, dine, spas and do a whole of other exciting activities all at the same time.

Australia tours are the best holiday experiences that one can pen down. Holidays in Australia will definitely stay in your minds for years to come. From the smallest member to the eldest member of your family, there is something new and exhilarating for everyone.Sail in the most beautiful seas of Australia and encounter the best corals of life!

Uluru/ Ayers Rock

Uluru/ Ayers Rock in is among the the most exclusive features in the Australian landscape.It lies in the southern area of the Northern territory ,which is central Australia. It is a spectacular feature of the Uluru-Kata Tjuta Park. The rock also has a sacred value to the aboriginal people of that region , the Anangu. As its name suggest,the natives of the region name it and holds great meaning to the Anangu people and they are the main tour guides for visiting tourist as they have better knowledge of the breathtaking landmark.

Geologically,Uluru/Ayers Rock is an inselberg. Inselbergs are commonly known as Island Mountains and compose mainly of sandstone rich in feldspar. Around the landmark are a wide variety of flora and fauna, most of which are indigenous to the region. Uluru/Ayers Rock receives lots of tourist who are indulged not only by the amazing sight of the structure, but also the myriads of stories and myths evolving around it and the numerous fun activities one can participate in such as climbing. Uluru/Ayers Rock is majestic landscape standing tall above the ground for all to embrace its beauty and stands among Australia's most attractive sights.

Australia’s Gorgeous Kakadu National Park

Kakadu national park is the largest terrestrial national park in Australia covering about 20000km2 and is characterized by enormous ecological and biological diversity. It is also considered a cultural landscape having been inhabited by traditional owners, bininjmungguy, thousands of years ago.

The extraordinary natural beauty and cultural heritage of this land provides such gorgeous scenes as rare flora and fauna as well as the aboriginal rock art created by the traditional owners. In addition to that, it is a home to more than a third of bird species in the country as well as a quarter of its freshwater and estuarine fish species. Others include insects, reptiles among others.

Kakadu National Park is, however, managed in a joint arrangement including and also director of national parks thus forming its board of management which combines both ancient culture and the modern practice. It has been inscribed on the world’s heritage list severally due to its scenic attractiveness.


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